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What is the ethics channel?

This ethics channel forms part of the good corporate practices of AC Capitales SAFI. It is an official, confidential means for our team members or other stakeholders to anonymously report questionable conduct or the violation of internal policies or regulations.

Who will handle the reports?

The information submitted through the ethics channel will be received and handled by the Prevention Supervisor, who has internal procedures that guarantee the absolute secrecy and confidentiality of all communications. Under no circumstances will there be any form of retaliation against persons submitting reports in good faith.

What information should be provided in the report?

To file a report, it is essential to include the following information, at a minimum:

  • Name of the person(s) being reported
  • Describe the relationship between the two parties
  • Describe the questionable events

Where to send a report?

Reports can be sent through the following channels.


Av. Armendáriz 424

Lima 18, Perú


+51 1 213-1120
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2021 - AC Capitales SAFI. All rights reserved.